Just a little girl who often lost in her own thoughts. Believed that she can't always tell people everything about her.
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015 | 0 ☰
Hi, I am an INTP with 5w6. If you're interest in me, please read. I also have 5w4 just close from my main ennegram. So I think you'd find bits of fours in here.

I guess, i started drawing when I'm 8yrs old. At that time, I draw for fun and most of my drawings consist of 2D,  disproportionate humans , wearing hijab and the same colour from the end of the hijab until the tip of the toe. I really love colouring (once, lol) and I will draw anything or anywhere including my school work or my homework. I'm guessing that's how my love towards art starts to develop.

 My parents always supports me with my passion in art (although they didn't really show it or maybe I'm just too blind to see my parent's good deeds towards me) but this is how I got into art and until now I am studying Engineering (high school sophomore) because it has a dip of art in it. My parents won't let me majoring in arts as they might think it won't lead me to a better career. I acknowleding the fact that bring an artist 24/7 is a hard work and that what makes me rethink on what to do with my life after graduating high school.

 I have various interest towards everything that includes art and that also including photography and that what makes it seems more harder for me to focus in one thing at a time. Since my interests are scattered in various fields, I tend to think that I can't major or excel in anything. I felt useless and I feel as if I have nothing to lose if my grades aren't that good. Truthfully saying, I would be an excellent student if I hadn't think about the future.

However, the day when my aunt says that architects are no longer needed in this year of bankcrupticity and with our economy state that is so low, I felt very devastated. Somehow, in her words that is stern and cold are lying. I couldn't think any other fields to major in and it felt like I fell into a pit of failures. I didn't want that. Honestly, I didn't even wanted to listen to my aunt that day if I knew this would be happening to me. Now, I'm just hoping, maybe not much, but just a little bits of silverlining in my path of the the doom. I just hope that little light can lead me to somewhere better.. Somewhere that I couldn't imagine I would be there and I will be content to where I am that one faithful day. I hope.

"Just because you are interested in various things, that doesn't mean that you can't excel in one thing."


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