Just a little girl who often lost in her own thoughts. Believed that she can't always tell people everything about her.
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Be with you.
Saturday, 1 August 2015 | 0 ☰
Chicken scraping on top of the zink,
Foxes are still sleeping inside the mine,
My mind have been buzzing,
A sight of a mesmerizing smile on my mind,

Prince came back from academy,
His shoe has became dull to the sole,
My desire to pull his body to me,
One's desire to take his heart and soul,

The moon will be covered by the clouds time to time,
Lions are brushing their mane,
I would wonder where is he sometimes,
Wishing he would think the same,

Oh, my two headed albino dear,
I will wait for you,
Despite my sufferings of waitings,
That's how I would show you,
My true feelings for LOVE. 

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