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Friday, 16 January 2015 | 0 ☰

Hehe haaiii 
I am wondering why I always love to update my blog with 'change'

But anyways, from now on I am going to studying on Engineering Drawing and Engineering Technology

As far as I concern, the only changes is to change classes which I suppose it's going to be hot and I am going to sit either from the way back or wherever sit that I really can't see the whiteboard. Which that bothers me bcs while I'm at Science Stream I am always on the front and I love it. I like changes, but if it was like this, umm.. InshaAllah Allah will do something with it for me.

Tbh, when I was typing the 'Engineering' part, I was thinking like, "omg, am I a guy or a girl? I can't be possibly learning male's subject right?" Haha, but overall I think I am cool so step in the world that only men can pursue.

Hey, this is the only way that I can be an architect. So it does not really bothers me. In fact, I am quite excited to draw some stuff!

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