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Korea? Manhwa?
Thursday, 11 December 2014 | 0 ☰

Hahaha Assalammualaikum and hi~!

so as you guys know, I am currently living in Korea for a month and what I found in the surroundings here are really a-muh-zayn

As you all know (or didn't know) Korean lifestyle are generally like anime lifestyle which I can say from the factor of their romance style and the fashion here.

Korean thirst for fashion. Of course, as it is known for fashionable country in the whole wide world

Nonetheless, the modern lifestyle here does not impact the traditional buildings and the native languages that they are proud of.

Okay, as for 15 year old me who is still immature in those medieval words (okay, takde kena mengena) I am really loving this country bcs they have the taste of anime. 

Typically for an anime-lover like me. Which will astound every foreign people whenever they came to Korea. Bcs the first thing they will notice is their fashion sense.

Their fashion sense are more likely like an anime world. *I cried* 

Manhwa 만화의 )

Do you ever wonder what's Manhwa is? They often appear at the anime shop in Korea. Ofc it will related to anime bcs Manhwa is comics in korean. Ahh, Manhwa is weird but their stories are really touching and I admire it.

So, if you an anime-lover like me, make sure to come to seoul to check Manhwa! haha! That's all ~! Tata~! 

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