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Sunday, 26 January 2014 | 0 ☰
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Hello! Bonjour! Welcome! 

As all we know that school's schedule week are so tied-together and no rest for us, students. Yeap, that's all our sacrifice to become an excellent student. The government MAYBE knows that we are all tired for the exams, PBS, (I'm a Malaysian student so I have that PBS system) homeworks and presentations. All of that has it's own reason. 

For example, exams. There are two circumstances that why we have to take exams. Maybe theres more than two reasons for why we take exams. Firstly, we take exams to define our knowledge and understadings about all the academics that we've learn. Also, we've been testing our memorization to all of these in ONE exam. It's quite not fair for us, taking the exams which we can't build and do with ourselves.

 As what a genius ppl says -
"If you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will be forever think it's stupid.". 

Understand those words? No? It means that, us, we, people have different skills for what we have. Some of us may be loves to studies and some of us may be expert in drawings, self-defense, athlete and so on. Allah create us with different personalities, bodies, shapes and IQ's. If we have the same IQ's, maybe our country isn't a modern life like nowdays. If that so too, we didn't have garbage taker, cleaner, maid and so on. So, Allah made different IQ's for a reason. So, don't blame yourself if you didn't success in your exams. 

YOU may have expert in the other things that people can't do. Trust yourself, and catch your dreams people!

Next, we do know that exams are to measure your IQ's and it will take you to the universities / colleges that suits you. As what I said just now, it depends on what skills you're expert to. As for me, I am good at drawing and I love Science. Those two subjects are different but you can determine of what you need and you want. Hence, if you chase you dreams, you'll follow the path for what you want but if you follow the path that leads to what you follow, you will get for what you need. *Excuse me for my twisted sentences. Those two path have different meanings.

You'll soon know for what you want and for what you need and I assure you that you'll follow your dreams because of your back supporters like your mom, father, brothers, sisters and not to forget you friends that had always be there for you.

So, that is all for what I've got to say. These are all my thoughts and experience for the past 15 years of my life. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah I've learn so much on this early year of 2014. Also I hope that my words and sentences can inspire you to get the job you want and what you chase for dreams. I wish you the best. Last words from me, "GO CHASE YOU DREAMS!". Thankyou. 

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