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New Skin
Monday, 11 November 2013 | 0 ☰

My new skin lah. Omg, lupa letak gambar blog yg lama. I lupa letak. Maaf kan hamba yg lemah dan sering membuat dosa ni. Maaf tak perf. Uff! Kenapa emotional ni? Haha, there is no longer to be emotional. Why? Because ada Allah! 

So, back to the topic. Yeah, changing my old skin to the new one. Because I thought it is the time to change the old one. Kepada siapa yg tak sudi, harap maaf. But this is it. After long time deciding what skins to choose, here it is. It's so beautiful. When the first time I look at it I feel like "Wow! So beautiful! The most beautiful skins among the other skins!" Then, it was the time I changed it. With my own will. My beautiful will. Ahah, it must be my beautiful will lah. Secute isn't it? I laugh while I wrote this. I don't know why. It's just an emotional that leads to laughing. It's an emotional lah. So yeap, bye. That's it

Dear, me

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