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Posting Weekend Day!
Friday, 31 May 2013 | 2 ☰

 OhMy ~ It's been a long time, eh? Aww, so damn long time hadn't been updated. Ohmy, grammar problem. -.-" Do ya know how my weekend went? Oh my, it's like, like, oh my. Noting happens. Yeah, thats it. Nothin'. I want to draw chibi using Paint Tool SAI. Whoa, it seems like taking me FOREVER drawing it. By the way, during these weekends I watched many One Piece episodes. Yesh! I really love those member. Hmm, hmm. I think I'm going to draw them and, oh! I've got new game, called SCRIBBLENAUTS! Yeah, love it! But, it gets really boring when you've finished the game. Going to replay it? Huh, naahh ~ It's get boring 'cause we know what happen next. So yeah, boring + unnew. Sorry Scribblenauts's manager. I'm not complain, but lol. I don't know. Lol, tengok dah keling dah. xD

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