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4 Adorable Kittens Arrive!
Sunday, 6 January 2013 | 0 ☰

All this years... I never expected that my cat would be giving me kittens. I mean, not an ordinary local kitten it's pure persian kitten. Aww, they are so adorable! (But they are so chicken!). My family can't resist the adorableness of them. Yeap, of course we can't!

Oohhh..!! They have 4 siblings. 2 of them are persians (not quite because they have no blue eye) and the rest of them are plain. The two plain guys is also the most chicken one. I can't even get near them! (So the other siblings though)

As I said, two of them are plain and pf course the plain has medium fur because follow her mother genes. I think their mom will be marrying the persian one. So, the other of them are long shiny chocolate fur. I admire theirs.

All of them are yellow. Weird, their oldest brother and sister are green. Very pure innocent green when in daylight. But they, they like predator waiting to be someone be their prey. Well, it's adorable though. :)

Still young, I consider it might 15cm? Well, they are short though and healthy.

Hmm, it's hard to know their character because they ae so scared of me. Well, I will get know well of them better one day. :)

So then, good bye! I try my best to get the best photos for the photograph for you guys to watch! Hope to see you guys soon. :D

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