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Friday, 21 December 2012 | 0 ☰
ListenListen, this image up here is just for decoration. :p
Well well, i wonder who is the most awesome readers that reads my writing here. Listen, you awesome readers. :) OkayOkay! I want to tell yall some sweet story and of course, it's about my pets. :3 Guys, you know what. Hehe, I helped my male kitten from broke his leg and also his flatulence. You know why he had that flatulence? Well, according to Dr. Google Veterinarian, he had that flatulence because of he ate dirty foods, spoiled foods, and of course from trash and that's why his stomach expand like that. Yet, I also felt sorry for him 'cause he had his broken leg. You know, TWO ILLNESS IN ONE TIME. He can't bear of ALL that sickness. How I know he ill? Well of course I know! He always lying down, not energatic, very weak. That's symptom from flatulence. It's worst. And, he very weak to run from me and I can even catch him, like reach your phone. Like that. Haha, broken English is cool though. :p Also, I recognize that he always lay right side of his body. He is bothering. Yeap, and so I took him and put him in a quite rusty cage. That's my old cage. I haven't use for quite awhile though. And blablabla, I take care of him with my twin. He very sick. I put him some traditional oil that called cucumber oil. Also! I sneak peak to my grand father's room to take his wound medicine. My grand father's medicine is very AFFECTIVE! And so, I put on him. He quite suffer. But, I don't care I am an evil owner. HAHAHAHA *EVIL LAUGH*. Noo la, of course I'm a good owner. I fed him all day and every day. Well, not every day, he heal so fast! So, it's about 3 days of suffering. :) I think his leg is not broken anyway, he may be had some very hard sprain that he couldn't move it. Haha, but I already massage him.
And now, he is very very healthy, strong, tall and handsome boy. :)

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