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Happy EidulAdha!
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 | 0 ☰

Assalammualaikum and to non-muslimers good morning / afternoon / evening / night / mornight! First of all, I want to wish you all, the one that reading this Happy Eid ul Adha! I'm sorry for not having my post for so long! Omg, is my English broken? Hxhx! I don't care whether it's broken or not 'cause it's mah blog gurl! Hahahaha okay enough enough! Let's talk about what happen in Eid ul Adha with my own experience.

So apparently, I woke up at 7.15 a.m. to start a meaningful day in Eid ul Adha. Hence, we, my family set off and drove to Masjid Putrajaya to salah. My maid also went to salah with her maid friends hehe. It's kinda funny but that's the truth. Eh eh, broken English? We'll talk about that later. Continue. While in the Masjid Putrajaya there, I saw many beautiful Arabian women with niqab and their jubah. Oh such a wonderful sight. White, flawless face and their ways of talking. Such a delightful women. There's different between Arabic and white woman's face if you all know.

We can tell the different from their faces. Arabic's faces are flawless and very clean face but white woman are somehow there's spots on their face. I don't know about you, but it's just my opinion. So, please don't bash me or criticize me for this. So back to the topic, I went in the mosque and sat down then I quickly fetch my kain sembahyang and- Please, can we skip this salah details? Can I? Are you sure? Okay I'll skip!

After finishing my salah, we're hearing khutbah for awhile. While hearing khutbah, taking picture is always the advantage! Isn't it normal for teenagers to take pictures? Yup. It's normal. But take pictures according to which surrounding you are. You can't easily take pictures when someone in salah and khutbah, it's inappropriate! Be consider dear muslimah out there and also to me. It's for reminder for us, muslimahs!

After finishing khutbah, we went back to our home sweet home. My maid already finished her salah and the dishes are ready. It's rendang and ketupat. Yum! Traditional food for every Raya year! I'm so excited and I eat as full as I can. Hehe, I know it's wrong to eat with full stomach but once in a full moon sisters! Alhamdulillah should be said with those sustenance. Well- That's just it!

Ya Allah, you thought this will be too long and experience about I'm going back to my hometown? Oh MasyaAllah sorry my sisters and brothers! I didn't went back to my hometown because family matters. But it's the modest thing I've ever had in Eid ul Adha. Alhamdulillah, as long I'm happy with it.

How about you sister! Tell me how you experience your Eid ul Adha! It's the most precious day and may your day in Eid ul Adha are the most happiest day in your life, Inshaa Allah :)

Btw gambar yg kat atas sekali itu hanya gambar semata-mata. Comel kan? Hehe 

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