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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 | 3 ☰

Have you ever had that feelings when you talk with your crush, looking at him, seeing his smile, hearing his laugh, his attitude and his perfect hair. Isn't that feels like you floating in the air? Sure. Sure it is. That feelings will never fade in our teenage little hearts. It will stay. 

That time when you always thinking of him. Those memories when you talk of him. Oh god, it feels like you are in other world. That thinking of all like you were thinking his the one  That moment when you wishing that he would be your husband. Yours eternally. Sure really, I really thought it was the so called teenage-love. 

Older says that it wouldn't last long. I want to prove it that they are wrong. I want to prove it. I want to last longer. I want to make again the history where the older ones ever did. "Love the people from the middle school till the marriage". If it's the only way. I want it. But I think it doesn't work. He'll meet someone better, funnier, beautiful, and smart. Why I need to think about that. I doesn't matter. Think presents. May Allah arranged me with him. 

Why I'm thinking about these in such a young age? I think has a lot learnings to do. 
It may be such a short time. But I will cherish it in these short times. I will. In Shaa Allah. Allah already grant me with my prayer. O Allah thanks ♥

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