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Rollercoaster Emotions of Life
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 | 1 ☰

Life isn't always on top right?
It's like a rollercoaster.
Sometimes it will went up, 
sometimes it will went down.

So, as what was I'm going to say is,
My grandad just died on Sunday, 22th July '14 // 22 Ramadhan 1435 H
I was shocked at first,
 but thinking about it back, 
I think that's good. 
Because arwah died in the 10 malam terakhir,
Thats very good! 
I know arwah is a good person when he is in his life,
So InshaAllah, he will rest in peace for this Ramadhan

And yesterday, 
I got another news about my bestfriend,
Liking the same person as her cousin,
Shocked, but I find it captivating (omg, I use this word! Halp! Is this even right!?)
Well, ofcourse everything I find it funny but, 
I find it also sad for me bcs she lied to me,
But for what I've come to my realizations, 
Why should I be mad for along time right? 
It's okay lah also I know she already have her own reasons

But now she thought that I still mad at her,
Well, to be really honest,
I'm not mad at her,
But more to disappointed, 
But that's okay since she already said,
"I have my reasons"
Yes, ofcourse I would trust her, 
Knowing that she and me already friends for like 3 years now,
I would always trust her,
"Realizing that I would get my heart shredded again; thrice"

But I put my trust and hope again,
Will bond to make it happen again, 
No wishing apart.
Nor wishing to break our bond,
So, I think that's is just a simple thing. 
So, thank you for reading until the end. 
This is just words that been possess in my heart for so long,
Just wanting to obtain the freedom of ecstasy

- Thank you - 

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