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Trial PT3 End! - Youtube Channel!
Thursday, 28 August 2014 | 0 ☰
Assalammualaikum! Alhamdulillah! The trial is now ended and now I'm going to get ready for PT3. 
Damn, trials are sure fun
Also today I got so many praises!
From every sort of people!
Like, "cantiknya lukisan!" (your drawing are pretty!), "pandainya Nadia mewarna!" (Nadia, you are so brilliant in colouring!), "pandainya Nadia" (You are so clever, Nadia) and etc.
Hehe okay, I can be so riak in quite sometimes
But, I just wanted to share you guys my excitement 


Hallo! I've made 2 designs in WeST (my group with my friends) 's Youtube Channel
I can't get enough with the design that I've made
Here is the designs that I've created:- 

Okay lol I know this ain't that pretty but for me, it's pretty 
it's not so girly ofcs, bcs I have members with different sex in our group
Haha, don't judge! 
So, these thing I put it on the WeST Youtube Channel
Here is some preview of the channel 

It looks pretty awesome in the channel tho. Haha! I'm so proud of myself!
Thankyou bcs you read until the end. Thankyou!

The youtube channel here:- WeST

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