Just a little girl who often lost in her own thoughts. Believed that she can't always tell people everything about her.
Dream ♥
Thursday, 30 July 2015 | 0 ☰
Ah, I wish I knew what's my dream,
All I want right now is to be free,
Free from everything that is holding me,
Chain me within a bird's cage,
The eyes and the heart wanted to feel something,
Something that is unforgetable,


At the age of 7, 
I dreamed on becoming a veterinarian,
A little naive girl thinking she could spend her lifetime with animals,
But as she grew up, she knew she couldn't really had the passion to do that,
Or is it? Does she have the potential? I hope so.
But she knew her skills, her likings, so she decided to become an architect.
Dreaming to make people's life better, 
Dreaming to make animal's shelter better,
And now she is 15, her mind became confused,
Where do she want to go? What is her dream? 
Her mind is clustering with questions about life.
Her own life. Deciding and choosing. 

"Follow your heart" 
Man, I wish those words could help the confused little girl,
But she can not even understands what her heart wants. 
All she knows is that, she had the talent to draw and she likes gymnastics and cute things.
Heart? I hope she knows sooner or later. I am really hoping. 


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