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Friday, 31 July 2015 | 0 ☰

Today in my English class, my teacher; Mrs. K was discussing about a book called "Reaching the Sky". 
There are some subtopics which consists of different stories. Mrs K ask us to read the book before disccusing it. 
Later on, Mrs. K wrote a huge word and it's "LEAVING".
I'm not surprised since the topic is already Leaving. 
But the thing that makes me thinking so deep was
The reasons of why we leave our home that Mrs. K state on the whiteboard,
Which is study, work, gor married and freedom a.k.a RUN AWAY (yeah, she wrote in capital)


The thing that I wanted to say is,

"Running away from home."

A place where you feel you're belong there,
A place where you have your family members,
Children, parents and pets,
But why you run away from home?
Isn't that place is your precious gem?
Which the only place that you can feel comfortable,
Feel atleast free from everything that's burden you?
But I ask you, why you wanted to run away from home?
It doesn't matter where you feel at home,
It's not just a house, a building,
Wherever, no matter where you think it is,
You will feel at ease, content,
Now that's a home.

Now I ask you again my precious,
Do you still you want to run away from home?

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