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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 | 0 ☰

Last night, or more accurately, one really, really early morning, I dreamed about something I never know possible become possible. I dreamed about my long-term crush!

Omg, in my last 2 years of admiring him I never had the chance to actually dream of him and with him staring and looking at me for 3 seconds! Oh ya Allah, in real life, I never really had the chance to stare at him and in my dream? I can stare at him for more than 10 seconds! 

I woke up in mixed feelings; shock, surprised but at the same time content. Seriously, it never been like that in my entire life of liking him. I know for you guys have had dreamed a couple of million times about your crush but for me, it was like a very shocking thing for me and I love it!

So the story was like this;
I was standing on a concrete floor in the hall of unknown but it's a hall dammit. A huge number of students of my school were entering the hall to start the assembly (usually we did the assembly early in the Monday morning. Because? Because the school said so.) I am school prefect, so I had to take charge to control all the students in the hall. (Dayum, I did such a great job on handling the students in my dream) Before the assembly starts, all the school prefect had to make rows for all the classes. Once we done all that, we will stand on the back of the students' row. 

Once we all done all the National singing and school's song, we get to sit on the floor, cross-legged (Malaysian's traditions) I get to sit on the back or on the end of the hall. Out of the blue, my crush sits beside me. I did what I mainly do which is, call him to sit closer. Haha! Ikr, I am not ashamed at all. Once he did sit beside me, I just stare at him and he starts to talk about instagram stuff and someone called him last night. I just laughed and admire his beauty. (Omg me why me) I forgot to mention that my crush and I had wear the same colour of clothes! That surprises me. 

And then he had to sit in front because normal students have to sit in the front row. But it didn't take long before he sits back beside me after some dramatic thing he did. I forgot what is it but the thing is, it makes him can sit at the back row with me. We then talked and talked until I woke up. 


Okay, I know this is such a plain story but for me, it's a blast because I never really had the urge to look at his face for more than 3 seconds. That's just it! I love it!

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