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Saturday, 8 August 2015 | 0 ☰

Okay, first of all this is originated from me.
 I was feeling really emotional (and bored lol
So I decided to make this poem.
And maybe it will become a song (?)


I'm a little bubble, 
I'm living my life floating,
I swift through obstacle,

But one day,
A bubble flew in front me, 
The wind pushes the bubble,
The bubble came towards me,

I collided with the bubble,
Me and the foreign bubble,
I and him entwined,
Become one bubble,

Time flew, 
Bubbles float, 
Our thin layer of soap,
Will once popped,

The time comes,
My body can no longer hold this,
I popped,
Making us apart,

The last piece of me,
Still floats in the atmosphere, 
With my beloved bubble, 

I love you. 

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