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Monday, 14 September 2015 | 1 ☰
Today, on 14th September 2015, I finally realize that I had my own allegation in this life. All these time, I thought that my life was completely normal and I didn't have any personal stories and harsh situation in life to tell to the world. However,today, this very time, I have come to a conclusion that I'm in the harsh situation. The initial cause was coming from my own twin (wouldn't call her my twins tho). She is what we call the son's devil. Perhaps, we should assume that when she was born, the devil saw a potential in her spirit and decided to lay a devil's egg inside her and there you go! You got that devil's daughter but half-human.

The reason I told you this is because that she is always physically abusing me. It would be against he law for abusing other human beings but in this world, I don't know the law anymore... If something wasn't right for her, she would definitely slap, kick and punch me. I know what you guys think, I made these things up right? Wrong. I wouldn't tell anyone about the devil IF she's nice tho. This wouldn't even happen if the devil's temper aren't high and the ego as well. The devil would fight about small matter and to tell you the truth, it seems like the day where Arabians didn't know anything about knowledge and they were called "jahiliah" because of their ignorance and unknowldgeable. Yeah, she seems like the one. I did get severe cuts and bruises from the abuse and I won't even get mad about it because I still have faiths and I know someday she will change and before she changed, I just hope someone will make her feel how I felt when I had been abused. 


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