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Lost and horse
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 | 0 ☰

Today was quite embarrassing or what you would call that a day to remember? Yeah. I'm sorry, but it ain't something like so bizarre or any other else but it is just me getting lost from finding my way to my rumah sukan. Okay, like it is REALLY my fault. Like, 100% it's my fault for not listening to the announcement before the meeting. I was so distracted with the club thingy or whatever it is I don't remember but all I remember was is it really unnecessary. We went out the class and on my way to go downstairs I heard that they are talking about something with sport stuff. I was so confused. Like, why are they talking about rumah sukan? Wasn't it we are going to the club's meeting? Honestly, that was really embarrassing to talk out loud. Good heavens, I'm asking myself. Sometime, I knew that we are going to our rumah sukan's meeting and wow, it made me panic but I went down and I was so conflicted by all the buzz and the students walking around. I didn't know what to do and I asked my classmates if they knew where does the red team's meeting are. Wow, how they are so useless. I am really going to blew myself up because they were just only a few students there and I tried to stay calm. I went to the notice board and I saw the red team's meeting place. 

It says..

OKAY. LIKE REALLY. OKAY. WHAT. THE. FRICK. We have like 2 wide area of field and I don't know WHERE IS THE PADANG SEPAK TAKRAW. I thought it was near the hall but at the same time, I didn't think that it is anywhere near there since it's NEAR THE HALL duuh. But with grace, I step up and walk to the blue team's meeting place. I knew that there are some eyes looking at me but yeah.... I just walk with grace. Lol. Quite embarrassed but with all the possibilities that they might remember, I think there's 95% chance that they would forget those things. Huhu. All my classmates' eyes were on me since they knew that I'm in the red team but yeah, I just go with the flow. I'm just glad that they didn't strike me or anything lol. 

After break, me and my twin went upstairs to my class and Qismina said that she was expecting me to get lost. Gosh, that is really underestimated me. Quite so, I felt ashamed or rather embarrassed. 

Oh! And there's like 3 police patrol riding horses in the school area. I admit, I think it looks lame. I pity the horses, k? So that's all. Have a good day.  


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