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こんにちは ~

There is a reason why you came here.. it is called fate
L I F E S T A T U S : I want to live in Japan

: nadia ali redza, 4 october, malaysian .

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My Home, My Heaven

written on Sunday, 22 March 2015 @ Sunday, March 22, 2015 ✈

From birth, I always thought that my home is my heaven;
Home; A place that we comfortable in
Lol look at that, "from birth"
Nah just kidding lol

But anyways, starting from Form 3 (15 years old)
I started to feel as if I wanted to stop schooling and started to do what I wanted to do
It's not selfish, It's my will and it doesn't affect other people. 
Travelling, doing crafts, do anything in my own will..
I love that
And one day, I will read this and smiled and say "I did it"
What a huge dream I had

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