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i'm a catlover. A fifteen year old girl. PMR candidates and I love find solutions in Mathematics!

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Marhaban Ya Ukhti and Akhi!
POST BY : NADIA ALI REDZA Tuesday, 25 March 2014 - 0 COMMENT(S)

Yaaa! Assalammualaikum! It has been a few months i haven't updated my blog! It's been a tough year for me. (but hey, not so tough lah hahahahaha only it just it's a tight schedule and I always lacking my time) So I better tell ya, I'm a slacker.

I'm not gonna tell ya any stories in here because my life doesn't fill in so much adventures. So, as I wish I could fill it with adventures like climbing mountains and having a bare hand climbing and swimming throughout the jungle, I find myself stuck infront the computer. 

I just want to draw doodles. I had to make time for it!

And also my cats have been skinnier since I didn't pay much attention to them. I had to give them Wet Foods! I had to make this. ((also right now my sister is babbling about. Haiyooo)

So, I just wanna say that I've made a Tumblr! I'm a newbie there. But also I'm active there. It's simple and fun! I'm lovin' it! At there, I reblog and post unimportant & short textes so that you guys can catch up what's I'm doing. Also! I'm going to post my artworks and doodles! In Shaa Allah! I don't have instgrams, so I think that could be the reason why I'd make a Tumblr account??? Hope you guys like it!!!

Click here to see my Tumblr! >> Nadmuch << And here's some preview for my Tumblr.