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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | 0 ☰
\Assalammualaikum/ and hello garls and gays. :O Not gays, guys! :b Okay, alhamdulillah.. Follower dah meningkat semalam. :) I love you guys  Oh, tadi baru jea kemas bilik. Ada orang nak datang rumah. Tak syiok! :( *Ish, apa la Nadya ni, tak baik ah!

Korang, thanks to you guys 'cause following my blog  Tak tau nak cakap pape dah :) Anyway, Happy Holidays to you guys I'll miss you guys. Keke, really? Not really. HAHAHA. :b Apa eh, oh! Talk about the HAMSTER!

Info about my adorable hamster

 It's name is ChikaChika Choko
 2 weeks old
Loves to run, bite my hand, eats fruits and woods.
Cute and adorable
Loves solitary
Loves `lepak' dekat rumah 
Active at night
Syrian type


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