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School days @_@
Saturday, 31 March 2012 | 0 ☰
!السلام عليكم

 Uwww, hello readers! Have not write this things for a quite long time, eh? :3 Okay, I want to tell you something about school days. My days.

Thursday :-
12.45 p.m
- I cried. Lulz. Because I've tertukar my tudung with my twins. Aw, I don't want to said about my twins. :p

4.46 p.m
- After I (with my classmates) went to the Living Skills room, I go to the class, my class to take the telekung and put the book on my table. But, there's FORM 2 and a pig teacher in my class. Hoho, I knock the door, and enter the class. And when I was about to walk towards my sit, the pig teacher said "Eh! Eh! Kenapa masuk tiba-tiba ni?! Get OUT!". I was shocked, also with my classmates. We sat outside for awhile. The PIG teacher tak sedar diri yang itu adalah kelas AKU. I hate that PIG teacher.


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