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Best friend can cause Enemy
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 | 0 ☰
!السلام عليكم

YesYes, you'll know what it is right? Yea, my EX-bestfriend is a HYPOCRITE. My EX is a betrayer. I hope we'll become friends again. But- I don't think we'll be friend anymore. But, I don't care so much 'cause my BESTFRIEND at SMK SAUJANA IMPIAN is my very very very GOOD FRIEND. She's the most wonderful girl I ever had. Her name is Zita Akhtar. She is the one who knows my problem. That listens all my problem. But, my best friend is FAR away from here. Aw, I hope I schools with her. I miss her very much. :'(

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